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Performance Evolution is a small Ford Performance shop that makes customer satisfaction the number one priority. In this day in age, with internet forums running rampid, one better make sure that things are done right and done right the first time. Most new customers are a result of a referal from an existing customer. If you are looking for a personal one on one experience where YOreally get to see and understand what is being done to your vehicle, this is the place. Please feel free to pick and the phone and call, I would be happy to talk to you about anything you have in mind, seriously...

A lot of time and money has been invested to make sure I have everything needed to do the job properly. The newest acqusition is an above ground Dynojet 224xLC load bearing dyno, With the help of the great folks at SCT and there custom tuning software, I can make sure that not only are the parts in place, but they are working to their highest potential. While horsepower is important to most, driveablity is the one thing that most overlook. You only spend a fraction of the time at wide-open-throttle, its all the other time thats important and that needs to be right.

We are located on in the Smyrna Business Park in Smyrna Delaware. Its only about 1.5 hours away from Baltimore or Philly. Click Contact Info for phone number and email address.

Website is still under construction, if you are interested in a product please feel free to contact us either through email or phone. 


Note: The car on the right was a car that I owned for about 11 years in which time in underwent many transformations. I was fortunate enough to have it featured on the cover of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords in April 2005. This is a link to the magazine writeup, check it out.




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